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Born of a West Texas cattleman, Cecil Atkission is truly a son of Texas. Even as a young man, Cecil earned a reputation for his work ethic. The cattle and livestock freight business was core to his family, and he grew up in the thick of it. Cecil’s family values still serve him well to this day. After serving in Vietnam, Cecil developed his passion for the automotive industry and began a career with Capitol Chevrolet in Austin, Texas. Quickly he rose through the ranks of sales and management until he and his wife Nancy set out on their own with a dealership in 1982. Now the family owns 7 dealerships all across the Southern portion of this great state.

Even after over 30 years and all that expansion, family is still core to the way Cecil runs his business. At Cecil Motors, we treat people right. We want our customers to know that they have a place at one of our dealerships. Whether they are driving their first Cecil car or their third, they are a part of our family. This family has served families through entire generations, From a customer’s first car to their children’s first cars. The reason people keep coming back to Cecil Motors is simple. We treat them right on price, value, trade ins, and service. Come to us and you will realize there’s no reason to do business anywhere else.

You can rely on Cecil Motors. Whether you come to one of our dealerships to buy a car, get service, or just browse through our selection, we will treat you right without the extra hassle. Our team always makes the effort to give our customers fair, honest, and courteous service, and we never cut corners or create pressure. Buying a car should be fun, and at Cecil Motors, it is. With every transaction and interaction, we strive to make things really simple, really easy, and really fast. Let us help you find everything you need.

When the products are similar, the dealer makes the difference.